Minimize distractions with maximum security. Increase motivation through digital self control.

In an age when mobile phone obsession is the norm, we offer a solution to your self control issues. LockMeowt is an android app that allows for personal time without the impending threat of non-desirable mobile phone use.

This app consists of two main modes of operation, Solo, and Duo. In Solo mode, the user sets a personalized timer that restricts phone use to very specific, personally set conditions. For the specified time limit (.5hrs to a maximum of 12) these conditions would include who (if anyone) the user can receive communications from (calls, email, SMS messages). It would also block all social media apps and games. These services would be restored once the timer is up. In Duo mode, the user works with a study partner, who is given (by the user) the ability to lock the Buddy's phone. In this feature interpersonal chat is available for study communications. The user in this case would also have control over the partner's phone. If professors were to get involved in this, a "quiz" feature would be available in both modes, and allow access to the device pre-timer completion. So, if you finish your study early you are able to earn your access back by proving you know the material.

Other applications are definitely possible, one such being a "Party" feature that allows minimized access to contacts to avoid the inevitable embarrassing phone call.

The inspiration for this app came from personal experience. On a daily basis the struggle to balance work load and personal time is an issue that can be further complicated with time consuming phone browsing. The desire is to increase overall productivity on a daily basis, in order to maximize efficiency in daily tasks.

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