stretchdesk watches your posture and supports you while you learn to sit better.

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If you've ever sat down and worked on a computer, chances are you know that you've been slouching. Over 75% of americans suffer from bad posture, which leads to a variety of health problems including back pain, decreased digestive abilities, as well as decreased oxygen intake - which, compounded over time (think slight edge, negatively looping) can lead to more serious issues like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and decreased blood circulation. Spinal health and proper posture are huge opportunities to make americans healthier and more conscious of their seated postures as we enter an increasingly sedentary period in human history.

Enter the stretchdesk. stretchdesk is a smart desk and chair that support your back as you learn to sit upright. Stretchdesk leverages technology to remind you to straighten up when you're slouching. That's right, it knows when you're slouching.

The stretchdesk was born to solve the problems professionals and students face daily with sedentary schedules. The aim is to create a desk in the future that not only detects posture correctness, but also encourages stretching and mindfulness in a series of brief stress relief breaks throughout the day. Studies actually show that over 70% of americans desire stress relief breaks throughout the day, but less than 20% of institutions such as schools and businesses offer these breaks.

The stretchdesk combines sensors (located on the prototype) and an arduino uno with an iOS mobile application via bluetooth, and is targeted toward consumers who have an interest in improving their posture, flexibility, and mindfulness practice.

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