Bluetooth Billboard

An LCD screen programmable from your Android with a free Bluetooth command line.

My project stemmed from the IEEE Hardware workshop on Bluetooth connectivity with the ATTiny85. This turned on and off an LED via my Android phone. After completing the workshop (6 hours later) I decided to work on this. I got the Bluetooth module to interface with the Arduino Uno, and from there to an LCD screen. After some issues with printing ASCII values instead of actual characters, I finally resolved everything. My happiest moments of this project were when my code in Android Studio compiled for the first time after many issues in the code. I've never worked with Android before. But I didn't get the chance to write an Android application to control the LCD screen, so I instead used a free app called BlueTerm2. BlueTerm2 is a free Bluetooth command terminal that I use to type one character at a time to the board via Bluetooth, and then that goes to the LCD. I wound up making sure that the input fits on the screen and that it returns to the next line.

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