Code Intro

Code Intro saves new programmers from the question,"what programming language should I learn?"

We, like multiple other students here, have faced the question, "what programming language should I learn?" Whether at this Hackathon or somewhere else, this question can leave people unsure of what they are doing and possibly deter then from starting.

Code Intro asks the user various easy-to-answer questions, so that anyone with no prior programming experience can make their first steps into a new programming language. These questions direct the user and narrows down the coding languages that best fit them, until they make it to a language right for them. In addition, we provide descriptions of programming languages so the user gets an idea for what that programming language is usually used for and its benefits. Lastly, the app has links for the user to choose from for free resources that can help them make their first steps and learn to write code.

We believe that our app can help the so many unsure and confused students find the programming languages that will help them enjoy programming and drive them to learn even more.

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