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Our website seeks to address the problem of following new or unfamiliar recipes in the kitchen.

Commonly, when following a new recipe, you will pull out your phone, tablet, or laptop, look at the ingredient quantities or the next step, complete that step, and have to return to your device to recall what you should do next. This works well in the case of simple recipes, but starts to have problems when dealing with recipes that are messy, coating the chefs hands in sauces, flour, or other ingredients, or perhaps covering the counter space where the chef would rest their device. Nobody wants to handle an expensive touchscreen phone or tablet with dirty hands, or risk spilling something sticky onto it.

Our website seeks to address this problem. Once the user selects a recipe, the recipe is read back to them step by step. Between steps the site listens to the user for several key phrases which ask it to continue to the next step, repeat the current step, or go back to the previous step. In this way, a chef can interact with their recipe totally hands free, freeing themselves from a dirty, or potentially broken, device.

Future improvements to this website include improved highlighting and context focusing, the ability to scale recipes based on the number of servings, the ability to create a shopping list from the recipes you want to try, reminders for time intensive steps, the ability to submit a new recipe and and the ability to search existing recipes.

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