Morse Code Wearable Hand Gadget

My story: I had a spare glove, some flex sensors, an Arduino, and I don't know sign language so I went with Morse code. Quite inspiring I know.

Morse code is made up of dots and dashes, which are controlled with the flex sensors attached to the index finger and the thumb. By bending those respective fingers, it can communicate with the Arduino to represent Morse code. Don't get too excited yet.

This gadget likely has a very large number of target users given that Morse code is literally the most cutting-edge innovative communication technology available to humanity today. Not to mention the phenomenal (an impressive 2.6 words per minute) efficiency in the program due to the excitingly frustrating Arduino coding language.

Some stunning, jaw dropping key features include:

  1. Beautiful aesthetic design
  2. Mysterious soldering accidents hidden behind the perfboard
  3. Slapping the modestly-sized Arduino Uno smack dab onto the glove to restrict wrist movement
  4. Well placed OLED screen covered by a mass of wires
  5. Occasional unresponsiveness from the index finger flex sensor for extra convenience
  6. Contemplation of life when you spent hours trying to figure out Arduino coding

I hope this revolutionary gadget will knock your socks off. Cause your socks are probably more useful than this thing anyway.

Built with

  • arduino
  • sensors
  • glove
  • my-blood-sweat-and-tears
  • just-kidding

Try it out